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123File PDF Professional 3.0 Crack + License Key

123File PDF Professional Crack + License Key

Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP


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PDF files are used to create, edit and share and, at the same time, ensure the security of personal information. With many different options to choose for file conversion, modification, document merging and batch processing, 123File PDF Professional has them all.

We should begin by mentioning that, by using this application, PDF files can be created, edited and converted to other different types and even merged together.

Converting a file can prove to be quite in handy, depending on the content. For example, when you this program, the PDF’s can be converted to Word, Excel, Images and Text files. The images from the content can even be extracted separately.

Editing a PDF file can always be accomplished but, using 123File PDF Professional, the document can be edited in Word as well.

Creating a PDF file is simple but when you need to create one using other different formats, the task gets a bit complicated. Within the application, there are a few options which can be useful here, like creating a single PDF from multiple, different other files, creating a PDF batch from more than one single type files and, more than this, multiple PDFs can be merged into a single one.

Beside the content changes that can be made, there are also program settings, for the professional users. For example, the file properties can be changed (title, application, subject and so on) and display properties (zoom, page layout, mode and size).

Regarding the security of the file, there are only two options: a 40-bit Encryption and a 128-bit Encryption. Depending on the one used, there are multiple allows and disallows to be checked or unchecked but, for both of them, there can be two completely different passwords (user and owner). Other than this, the quality is important and it can be set differently than default. Basically, for the custom option, you can personally change the dpi, compression, embedding and what to do if the last one fails.

Watermarking is perfect for when you do not want your information copied. It can also be used with this application and it has a few settings to play with, like introducing text, color and choosing the font type, size and style and, in the end, there’s even a possibility for a preview.

In conclusion, although 123File PDF Professional is an editor, converter and merger of different type files, it did not run as expected during our tests. A few errors appeared, we were unable to save some changes but, if they will be dealt with, the application can prove to be quite helpful.

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