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2Tiff 9.0 Crack + Serial Key (Updated)

2Tiff Crack + Serial Key (Updated)

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2Tiff is a reliable program for batch picture editing, which can easily be operated from command line. The application is simple to use and all the commands are described in the associated files. You can easily convert any image to TIFF, resize them to a custom resolution or add the desired text watermark.

2Tiff does not feature a GUI, however, it is simple to use and the commands are explained in the ReadMe file that it comes with. Several other commands are supported, such as identify range of pages (for PDFs), perform a recursive scan, overwrite a file, remove a file after conversion or sort the files prior to any other operation.

When converting a file to TIFF, you may modify its color depth, compression type and level, JPEG quality, byte order, strip structure, EXIF information or add dithering. Additionally, you can instantly create a thumbnail, use fill order (msb2lsb or lsb2msb). Moreover, you may crop the images, flip them or rasterize vector files.

2Tiff can also help you resize the pictures, as well as rotate them to a custom angle, in the desired direction and set the background color. You may add text watermark, using the desired words and one of the available options: font style, bold, italic, underline, color, direction, add border, blending mode and alignment.

You may even use a picture as watermark, which by default is placed on every page of the input document, but with 2Tiff, you can identify the specific page range for the watermark. The pictures can also be converted to grayscale or edited, by adjusting the unsharpen mask, apply auto levels, blur, contrast or by smoothing noise.

2Tiff is a simple to use picture editor which allows you to apply a multitude of adjustments to a large batch of pictures, while converting them to .TIFF format. The application does not feature a GUI, instead it can be operated from command line, which makes it a quick and reliable tool. The result is saved instantly to the indicated location.

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