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321Soft Data Recovery Express 3.6 Crack + Serial Key

321Soft Data Recovery Express Crack + Serial Key

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One of the ways in which users can lose important files is by accidentally deleting them, yet they can often recover their data with the help of proper tools, even if they've used the Shift+Delete command, which deletes files automatically, without sending them to Recycle Bin first.

321Soft Data Recovery Express is a piece of software designed to provide users with the possibility to recover files and folders that have been accidentally deleted without requiring advanced technical skills for that.

The application comes with a simple, easy-to-use interface, with a three-panel view, allowing users to browse folders on their drives, to view their content, and also to have a look at details on any of the files found in these directories.

With this program, users can go either for a Quick Scan or for a Full Scan of their drives, so as to be able to recover even files that have been long deleted.

While the utility offers fast performance capabilities, choosing a Full Scan could take some time, especially if it has to analyze a large hard disk or USB drive.

Once the scan has been completed, 321Soft Data Recovery Express shows a complete list of folders discovered on the source drive, along with the files that it has found inside them, and allows users to select the directories and files they want to recover.

The tool has been designed as a safe data recovery application, and offers non-destructive functionality, given that it is read-only, which means that it does not write data on the same drive that users want to recover files from.

In addition to allowing users to recover deleted files, the software also attempts to rescue data erased during a formatting process, as well as files corrupted by viruses.

In conclusion, 321Soft Data Recovery Express is a fast data rescue utility, which can recover deleted files from various storage types, even from those that have been already formatted. The app offers non-destructive recovery capabilities and comes with an integrated hex editor.

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