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3D Fish School Screensaver 4.994 Crack With Activation Code

3D Fish School Screensaver Crack With Activation Code

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Download 3D Fish School Screensaver [Crack]

3D Fish School Screensaver is a Windows screensaver that brings underwater life on your computer, comprising beautiful images and a large collection of fish.

Although it's just a screensaver, 3D Fish School Screensaver impresses mostly thanks to the great amount of configuration options, all of which are accessible via the screensaver options in Windows.

First of all, you're allowed to pick from multiple types of fish, including Clown, StarFish, Plankton, Regal Tang and Auriga Butterflyfish. Of course, you can adjust the fish count thanks to a slider with values ranging in between 0 and 100.

Another good feature of 3D Fish School Screensaver is the one that lets you choose the underwater background and enable lights, background and caustic, with a separate tool for setting up bubble count.

The advanced settings screen on the other hand is addressed to those with a bit more computer knowledge, as it comprises options regarding desktop resolution, color depth, renderer, textures, quality and sound.

3D Fish School Screensaver works smoothly on all Windows versions, but it slows down the system a little bit, especially when used on older hardware configurations.

On the good side however, 3D Fish School Screensaver is one of the most advanced screensavers of its kind, boasting a great amount of options and high quality images.

It can be safely installed by all types of users, comprising even a help manual to lend a hand to all those who need assistance on one of the features, despite the fact that all options are pretty intuitive.

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