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3DMark 2.28.8217 Crack With Activator Latest

3DMark Crack With Activator Latest

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Due to the high amount of video games available on the market and as many different hardware that want to push the limits of gaming, an abundance of benchmarking tools can be found over the Internet so that enthusiasts know exactly what their machine is capable of. One, if not the most popular such tool is 3DMark, with an updated version dedicated to high-end, monstrous gaming configurations.

The application is polished from all points of view. From the moment you run the installer until the final result is delivered, all elements are nothing less than eye candy. High quality graphics enhance each menu, with sliding animations as you switch between available tabs.

Once you go through the setup process, you can choose to run all available test cases that stress out your PC to the fullest. Be prepared for a genuine visual experience, with all tests featuring a presentation demo lasting around 5 minutes each, after which dedicated tests are performed in the same visually appealing manner, indicating FPS, current frame, as well as elapsed time.

After you spend around 20 minutes in front of jaw-dropping graphics, that progressively put pressure on your PC, from the lowest level of details to the most sophisticated physics and visuals, results can be displayed, analyzed and compared with a breathtaking amount of others who were also curious how well their machine performed.

The upper toolbar of the main window features several tabs you can access anytime. Navigating to “Custom”, lets you fully take control of settings you want to stress out. Each test case features individual settings, ranging from resolution, vertical sync, triple buffering, texture filtering mode, MSAA sample count and a lot more options.

As a result, an interactive graph is put at your disposal so you can carefully analyze FPS, GPU and CPU temperatures in a given amount of time and how well hardware performs. Most in-depth analysis is better done online, but you can also save results on your computer to compare with newer devices you install.

All in all, 3DMark is by far one of the best benchmarking utilities out there. It's available to beginners and experts alike, with default settings being more than enough to get an idea of what your computer can do, as well as thorough quality settings for enthusiasts to squeeze the most juice out of their video cards.

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