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3DMath Explorer 3.1 Crack Full Version

3DMath Explorer Crack Full Version

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3DMath Explorer can prove useful to both students and teachers, providing them with a great geometry educational tool that can display graphs in 3D view. Its purpose is to make the learning process more interesting by allowing perspective drawing and creating interactive graphs.

3DMath Explorer helps students get a better understanding on the plot structure and the way it is generated. Furthermore, created graphs can be used in projects for school or in learning books.

One of its main characteristics is the use of a 3D plotting space, which enables the user to process a higher number of mathematical functions and display their graphical representation in the same coordonate system.

The extended collection of predefined graphs it comes with comprises all kinds of curves, such as cylinders, plane or polar curves, representations of simple functions, spheres, stars and forms that are specific to particular domains, such as astronomy or architecture.

It can draw a variety of curves and offers you full customization control over all the graphical objects. As such, you can change the grid, modify the graph type, hide the axis numbers or activate perspective view.

Additionally, the application features auto-rotation, adjustable zoom level and enables you to work with more parameter functions. Applying the fogging effect can make your graph look more interesting.

3DMath Explorer is a reliable utility that can assist you in plotting any mathematical function, providing an unlimited tri-dimensional drawing area. From simple linear functions to trigonometrical functions and complex expressions, 3DMath Explorer can generate any type of graph.

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