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4shared Desktop 189.4.8427 / 190.3.6326 Beta Crack + Serial Number Updated

4shared Desktop Crack + Serial Number Updated

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Download 4shared Desktop [Crack]

4shared Desktop is a downloadable tool that lets you manage your 4shared account without the need for a web browser, offering advanced file upload utilities.

The friendly interface is the one that provides easy access to all its powerful features, regardless if we're talking about synchronization, folders and uploading.

The main window adopts a multi-panel layout to display the existing folders, but also upload and download tasks, with a long list of details displayed for each file, including size, completed, elapsed and remaining time.

Once you upload a new file, you can easily copy the link by right-clicking it, while removing it entirely is as simple as hitting the “Delete” button.

Synchronization on the other hand prompts you to organize files and folders, with dedicated options to analyze the 4shared folder at a user-defined interval.

And speaking of options, 4shared Desktop provides multiple configurable upload and download parameters, including specific settings to limit speed and restrict the number of jobs. You can pick the action to be performed in case the destination file already exists, but also set up time out and the number of retries.

4shared Desktop works quite quickly and proved fairly reliable during our test, regardless of the Windows versions on the tested workstations. Plus, it remained very friendly with hardware resources and, as a general idea, the faster the Internet connection is, the quicker the download or upload tasks are completed.

All things considered, 4shared Desktop is five-star product that easily puts you in control of your 4shared account. It makes file uploading a breeze, while also providing top-notch features such as synchronization.

4shared Desktop Crack + Serial Number Updated 4shared Desktop Crack + License Key Updated 4shared Desktop Crack Plus Serial Number

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