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4Sync Activator Full Version

4Sync Activator Full Version

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4Sync is an intuitive and user-friendly piece of software that enables you to store important files (videos, pictures, songs or presentations) on a cloud and access them whenever you need, regardless of the used device, be it desktop computer, smartphone or laptop.

Note that in order to use the storage space provided by 4Sync, you need to create an account. With this account, you can connect from any device you are working with, and from any location that has an Internet connection – at home or at work.

After installing the utility, it creates a '4Sync' folder that you can access in your Favorites section, with a variety of sub-directories where you can store books, music and videos. Additionally, you can create your own folders, depending on how you like to organize your files. Any item you place in one of these location will almost instantly be uploaded to the cloud and stored there for however long you require.

Running minimized in the notification area, 4Sync allows you to quickly access it and make any last minute adjustments to your account. Similarly, you can pause the synchronization process, while in the 'Last Updated Files', you can view the most recent documents that were uploaded to your account.

In order to synchronize your data on all your machines, you simply need to install 4Sync on all your computers. When connecting to your 4Sync account, no matter the used device, the same folders with the same contents will be available. Moreover, you can share the files from the cloud via a variety of services, simply by right-clicking the item in the '4Sync' folder and choosing the corresponding option from the context menu. As such, you can copy the URL to clipboard and paste it in a conversation window for instance, as well as Tweet or share it on Facebook.

To conclude, 4Sync is a great application that you can help you synchronize your files between multiple devices, so you can access your data whenever you want, from any PC or laptop with an Internet connection.

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