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5 Clicks 4.6 Crack + Activation Code (Updated)

5 Clicks Crack + Activation Code (Updated)

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Being able to quickly and easily capture images from the desktop is a necessity for many people. The 5 Clicks application lets users capture an image in less than five clicks. Once the application is activated, its icon remains on the desktop for easy use and quick access.

The 5 Clicks application boasts that you can start the application and save an image in a particular format in under five clicks. This is true. The application is very quick to load and quick to take images with. However, it is not easy to take precise images with, users must drag a box from the always-on-top icon around the area they want to capture. This means you must position the icon first in relation to the target area, if you want any kind of accurate. Otherwise, you have to make grossly oversized or misshapen screenshots that need to be excessively cropped.

The five click system is useful, but it is mired by the applications refusal to use a more simple method of capture. A hotkey and the mouse pointer would actually achieve the same result in less movements and button presses - it would also achieve more accuracy. Furthermore, moving the icon around is difficult and it seems to stutter and lag as it moves.

The application captures images perfectly fine once you manage to position the drag box over the area, which opens up the main window of the application. The application's interface is dated and lacks more modern icons or design. It also lacks simple features such as a cropping or resize tool. If you have slightly too much in your screenshot, you must discard it and start again. The lack of any editing features whatsoever is a major concern and holds the application back.

The biggest issue with the application is the price, many of its flaws could be overlooked for a freeware item. It is not freeware. The trial feature does not have any restrictions, so you can use it fully for the time, but it is difficult to justify the price and many users might struggle to see its value. There is no shortage of screencapture applications and many of them offer more for less.

Unfortunately, the idea to focus on the five click sales pitch of the application stops it from being more useful. The lack of any hotkey and the emphasis on drag boxes means it is clumsy and inaccurate with its image capturing. The hotkey issue in combination with the lack of any editing options means many users will be struggling to make the most of their purchase.

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