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A1 Keylogger 5.1 Crack + Serial Number Download

A1 Keylogger Crack + Serial Number Download

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Download A1 Keylogger [Crack]

A1 Keylogger is an easy to piece piece of software functioning as an activity logger, enabling you to monitor your computer's usage and quickly discover if others are using it without your consent.

The program is fairly simple to install and work with, requiring only that you have administrator privileges on your PC. Also, you have the option of excluding certain users from being logged. On the first launch, it prompts you to set up a password based on which you can turn it on and off whenever you want, preventing other people from deactivating it.

A1 Keylogger is capable of tracking and recording all activity on your system, ranging from keystrokes, to used applications, instant messengers, read emails, accessed documents, visited websites, even capturing audio provided that a compatible device exists. The utility will grab screenshots of the desktop at random moments, capturing what was happening on your screen at various times.

You can begin monitoring your computer by pressing the 'Start' button. Subsequently, you can start 'Stealth Mode', which will make the tool completely invisible. In order to unhide A1 Keylogger, you will need to press the CTRL + ALT + X key combination, restoring its main window.

The shortcut can however be customized to a sequence that can make more sense to you, thus preventing you from forgetting it. Make sure you remember the hotkey along with the previously set password, otherwise you will be unable to locate or deactivate it. Moreover, from A1 Keylogger's 'Configuration' section, you can choose the items you want to track, enabling you to leave out certain activities that do not interest you, such as clipboard data or system keys. Additionally, you can send a report to a specific email address or upload it to a FTP server.

To summarize, A1 Keylogger is a handy and efficient utility that allows you to secretly track unsanctioned activity on your machine, so you can know if someone has been using it behind your back and what precisely they were doing.

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