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Ability Mail Server 5.0.2 Crack With Activation Code 2023

Ability Mail Server Crack With Activation Code 2023

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Ability Mail Server is a professional email server that supports SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, LDAP and WebMail protocols and comes with several protection tools in order to block spam, filter email content and scan data using the on-server antivirus.

Before getting access to the program’s GUI, you need to configure several settings. The tool lets you provide details about the primary domain and admin email address, as well as set up admin authentication parameters (username and password).

What’s more, you can enable or disable several services, SMTP (and activate SMTP authentication), POP3, IMAP4, WebMail, LDAP, remote admin and outgoing mail. For the outgoing mail route you can opt for independent (automatically detect DNS hosts or use custom ones) or relay mode (SMTP relay host and port number).

When it comes to spam filtering, you can activate several protection modules, such as tarpitting (block IPs sending to non-existent recipients), sender domain check (block unauthorized mail from local domains), transaction delays (block timeout connections), grey list (block clients that do no resend after a temporary failure), spam trap email addresses (block IPs that scan websites for email addresses), real-time blacklists, and sender policy framework (SPF). Plus, you can set the spam filter level to low, medium or high.

Furthermore, you may opt for adding domains by entering the name and choosing between three options, namely standard, alias or backup domain. In addition, you can add users to a selected domain on the mail server and place them in a particular group.

The best part about the configuration wizard is that is easy to follow and intuitive. The program also embeds additional information about each parameter in the setup process, so even rookies can get an idea of how to tweak them.

Ability Mail Server sports intuitive looks and delivers an overview of the mail server. You can check out the general state of the mail server including elapsed time since it was loaded, total number of connections and total data transferred in and out.

Plus, you get detailed information about each service, namely open ports, number of connections and data transfers. Smart buttons included in the GUI help you open the mail server (loading each subsystem and opening any ports), close all connections, as well as access the configuration panel. You can also opt for running the app as NT service and easily switch between the NT service and application mode without having to reboot (but you still need to close and open the mail server).

You can alter several settings related to general options (primary domain name, maximum mail size, maximum account size, automatic binding mode to all available IPs), security (e.g. maximum failed login attempts, maximum simultaneous connections per IP), loop protection (useful for fighting against mail loops and infinite bounces), advanced options (e.g. accounts directory, IPv4, user account access), as well as ODBC options.

The application allows you to set up each service in detail and maintain lists with blocked and safe IPs, work with three types of filters (spam, content and antivirus), manage accounts (organize users and mailing lists into domains, and manage user permissions more efficiently with the aid of groups, create user accounts on any domain, quickly send bulk emails to a large numbers of users using mailing lists, and share contact data through LDAP or WebMail).

Last but not least, you can create SSL certificates or import data from RSA private key, enable logging, edit messages generated by Ability Mail Server (e.g. failure messages, defaults, system strings), activate several tools (test DNS, generate a setup report with important parts of your configuration, diagnose configuration errors, port conflicts, SMTP security issues and other possible errors, back up settings, accounts and mails, export all users to CSV file format, clean up unused directories/files, and run the setup wizard).

All in all, Ability Mail Server adopts a user-friendly environment for helping rookies easily manage their email server while offering professionals the freedom to work with an impressive and comprehensive suite of configuration settings.

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