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Able Tiff Annotations Crack With Serial Number Latest 2021

Able Tiff Annotations Crack With Serial Number Latest 2021

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Able Tiff Annotations is an advanced and comprehensive application that enables you to view, edit and convert images and multi-page image documents. It also specializes in displaying and editing Wang or Kodak imaging annotations and allows you to edit or remove them.

Able Tiff Annotations enables you to retouch images, including pictures acquired from a scanner, as well as crop, resize, split or rotate them. The software supports TIFF, FAX, PDF, DCX, EPS or DICOM images, that it can manage individually or simultaneously, in batches.

The application enables you to handle each page of a large document, individually, make modifications and save them for the current working space or apply them to the rest of the pages as well. For instance, you can crop a single page or apply the setting to all the pages in the document.

The software can also display Wang or Kodak image annotations, that you can view and edit freely. You can also add annotations of your own, whether they are pictures, text, object highlight, shapes or measurement tools.

Additionally, you can easily convert a picture’s color depth, to 8 bit or 24 bit, as well as convert it to black and white or gray scale. Each option incurs different compression methods, when you wish to save the document. For instance, you can apply G4FAX or LZW compression modes, depending if your image is black-and-white or colored.

Aside from changing an images color attributes, the software enables you to modify its format, by saving it as one of the supported file types. Thus you can convert an image between TIFF, FAX, PDF, DCX, EPS, DICOM, PS, AI, JBIG or GIF, but you may also choose from more common picture formats, such as BMP, JPG or PNG.

Moreover, it can help you acquire photos from a scanner, automatically retouch them and save them as the desired format. Otherwise, you may prepare a picture for high quality printing or send it to a fax printer, to a recipient that you cannot reach.

Able Tiff Annotations is a fast and efficient image viewer and converter, that enables you to manage photos you acquired from a scanner, that you wish to print and images containing Wang or Kodak annotations. You may edit and remove imaging annotations or even add your own memos, pictures, shapes or measurements.

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