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Abot Group Mail Professional 9.8.9 Build 072 Crack With Serial Key 2024

Abot Group Mail Professional Crack With Serial Key 2024

Windows 2003, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2K


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Abot Group Mail Professional is a reliable emailing platform designed for marketing and advertising. With a classic, yet streamlined interface, it’s one of the most classic approaches to bulk emailing.

Business owners can use it to keep in touch with their clients, while individuals can turn it into a powerful alternative to the standard email client. In other words, Abot Group Mail Professional stands out as an awesome way to promote and share anything, from commercial products to newsletters.

Installation ends in a few seconds and setting up email accounts is just as easy. The application uses the SMTP protocol and enables you to add as many accounts as you want, no upper limit defined. The list of contacts can be imported from text or Excel files (must contain only one email address on each line) and the body of the email can be in text of HTML format.

If you choose the latter, Abot Group Mail Professional also features a WYSIWYG editor that assists you in correctly formatting the code. The body can be accompanied by multiple attachments, such as pictures, videos and documents.

Once you’ve composed the message and added the recipients, you can start your email campaign and hit the ‘Send’ button. The status and the progress are being showed dynamically in real time, with detailed reports on failed messages.

During our tests, the application behaved nicely. We didn’t experience any kind of trouble and we were quite impressed by the emailing speed.

In conclusion, Abot Group Mail Professional is worth your while. In the long run, it can turn out to be a solid investment and a reliable partner for your business. By sending emails to all of your clients at once, it increases your productivity while minimizing efforts.

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