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ABox - File Packer 1.9 Build 019000 Crack + Keygen Updated

ABox - File Packer Crack + Keygen Updated

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While there are many compression utilities that you can use to store data in a more efficient manner and encrypt your files, most are not designed to help you organize items once they are archived, which is why it is often difficult to locate specific files after they are compressed.

ABox - File Packer is a lightweight, portable utility that allows you to compress files or folders and encrypt their contents, as well as organize them in a tree structure, assign each item a specific color and insert comments.

ABox - File Packer is designed to be as intuitive as possible and, for this reason, novices should find it to be very accessible.

Whenever you want to archive a file or folder, you only need to drop it in the main application window. You can add as many items as you like, and then save the compressed data to an ABOX file.

Moreover, it is possible to secure your files using AES encryption or block access to certain folders.

Once a number of items have been added to the archive, you can organize them in a tree structure, create new folders, assign unique colors to certain files or directories and even write comments.

Furthermore, ABox - File Packer includes a straightforward search function, and all actions are recorded in an event log.

The program also allows you to wipe certain files from your hard drive in order to prevent them from being recovered after deletion.

The utilization of a proprietary archive format is perhaps the program’s biggest drawback, as the saved files cannot be opened with any other application.

However, it is worth noting that ABox - File Packer can be placed on a portable storage device and used on various machines without being installed beforehand.

In conclusion, ABox - File Packer is a relatively straightforward utility designed to provide you with an easier method of archiving and encrypting data. It does its job well and also has the advantage of being fully portable.

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