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abylon CRYPTMAIL Crack + Activator (Updated)

abylon CRYPTMAIL Crack + Activator (Updated)

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Despite our transition towards social media services and their provided messengers when it comes to online communication, the email is still widely used, especially for more official purposes.

If you do not want to rely entirely on your email client's provided security, you can try a software solution for improving the security of your email inbox.

abylon CRYPTMAIL is a simple yet effective piece of software designed to ensure that your emails are protected and stay outside the reach of prying eyes.

The tool features a streamlined user interface without any kind of distractions, just a simple toolbar and a few large buttons, making it very easy for both novice and expert users to find their way around the app.

The main window makes it easy for you to add files that need to be protected, to select the exact encryption method and to choose the target folder where the protected files are stored.

To ensure the protection of your emails, abylon CRYPTMAIL encrypts your emails using advanced and reliable algorithms, namely AES and Blowfish. In addition, the utility uses comprehensive password- and certificate-based encryption methods, named SYMM and HYBRID.

In other words, to access the contents of the emails, the recipients need the correct password, or alternatively, a matching key such as smart cards or USB tokens.

If you use Microsoft Outlook as your default email client, then you should know that abylon CRYPTMAIL can be integrate with the aforementioned app. If not, do not worry, as the application works with other popular email clients out there.

If you do happen to encounter a problem, we recommend you take a look at the app's hefty documentation.

As an overall conclusion, if you want to be sure that your emails are as safe as possible and your privacy stays intact, then you should give abylon CRYPTMAIL a try.

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