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Accu-Type 6 0.1 Crack Plus License Key

Accu-Type Crack Plus License Key

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Typing is a skill that can easily be increased simply by thorough use of the computer. However, this takes time, but with the help of specialized applications such as Accu-Type, learning can become fun. It puts several tests and games at your disposal so that by the end of each session, your typing skills improve noticeably.

The application is designed so that it is accessible to anyone, regardless of age and experience. All features are cleverly stored in the main window and you can always take a tutorial in case you want to go step by step.

Before the start of each session, you are prompted by info text, to get a glimpse of what is to come, also providing instructions where the case applies.

You can start off with a few training sessions to learn correct finger placement on the keyboard, while typing in given set of words. Amongst other tests you can take, you find a “Fun & games” section which probably catches most of your attention.

Additionally, a typing test gives you an idea of how fast you can copy content while an audio test requires you to write down words or sentences spoken to you.

Unfortunately, after spending some time to go through all available sections, you don't really get a sense of accomplishment, you are only encouraged and informed regarding your speed. There is no implemented function that tracks your activity and difficulty is a little hard to set just right.

To sum it up, Accu-Type is a neat application to improve typing skills, but it's more oriented towards a younger public. It tries to get your attention with animated visual elements, but it gets a little difficult to navigate through. Test cases are useful and ignoring some issues here and there makes the outcome positive.

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