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Accurate Shutdown 6.30 Crack + Serial Key Download

Accurate Shutdown Crack + Serial Key Download

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Download Accurate Shutdown [Crack]

Accurate Shutdown is a lightweight software application whose purpose is to help you trigger several shutdown tasks automatically. It can be installed on all Windows versions out there. The tool lets you turn off or reboot your PC, log off the current user, disconnect the Internet, or close the monitor at custom time.

You can find Accurate Shutdown running quietly in the system tray. A right-click on its tray icon brings forth the available configuration settings. You may also consult a help manual in case you need extra assistance with the tweaking process.

Accurate Shutdown gives you the possibility to activate an automatic task by specifying the time in hours and minutes, and configuring the date and year. Plus, you can repeat the current task on a daily basis, execute a shutdown after a certain amount of time, trigger an automatic shutdown action when the system is detected as being idle for user-defined time, as well as activate a task when you launch the program.

You can make the application close or reboot the computer, lock the PC, log off the current user, stand by or hibernate, turn off the monitor, disconnect the Internet connection, open a custom URL, or run a specific software tool.

What’s more, you can enable a countdown timer that is shown before a task is executed, play custom sound notifications (WAV file format), set up a master password, and synchronize your system’s time to online servers.

Other important configuration settings worth being mentioned help you enable or disable the program’s functions, lock the computer, and manually shut down or restart the PC, log off the current user, stand by or hibernate, turn off the monitor, or disconnect the Internet.

Advanced parameters are implemented for helping you restrict modifications made to the system time, automatically hide the tray icon, disable ‘Ctrl+Alt+Del,’ record IE history, and block certain utilities.

Tests have pointed out that Accurate Shutdown carries out tasks quickly. It remains light on system resources so you do not have to worry that it hampers the overall performance of the computer.

All in all, Accurate Shutdown comes bundled with several handy and advanced features for helping you manage automatic shutdown sessions. However, the GUI cannot be described as highly intuitive so you may need some extra time to decode the dedicated parameters.

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