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AceReader Pro 8.2.0 Crack & License Key

AceReader Pro Crack & License Key

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AceReader Pro is an educational software application whose purpose is to help you boost your reading speed and fluency with the aid of courses, test and games.

The GUI looks clean and provides a well-structured suite of features. The program allows you to follow some courses, take tests, train in an expert mode, as well as configure several settings which are related to clearing test results and importing flash cards. These are the main functions of the utility that can be easily accessed from the main panel.

AceReader Pro gives you the possibility to take some training courses where you spend from 15 up to 25 minutes per session. You can choose between different course activities, such as ‘Review General Reading Tips,’ ‘Set Your Base Reading Speed,’ and ‘Search/Scan Game.’

A progress bar tracks your course completion status. You can keep track of all your test results, view details about your current base reading speed, check out suggestive graphs, copy data to WordPad, and email the test results.

Several filters can be applied to your test results, namely you can make the app exclude test results that have been repeated or canceled, have a speed below or above a custom number of words per minute, have test scores above a certain percentage, and include a user-defined text message.

AceReader Pro lets you determine your current reading speed based on different tests. The utility is able to automatically adjust the training speed relative to your personal reading ability.

You can check out how much you understand when being forced to read at different speeds. Plus, you may select the quiz, display mode and speed.

The application gives you full control over the training process. This means you are allowed to load your own text (e.g. PDF, DOC), paste text from the clipboard, modify the font, set the display mode, adjust the speed, as well as start or stop the process.

All in all, AceReader Pro provides a user-friendly environment and smart courses, tests and games to improve your reading speed, and can be mastered by beginners and professionals alike.

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