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Acronis Backup for PC 12.5.b16428 Crack & Serial Key

Acronis Backup for PC Crack & Serial Key

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Download Acronis Backup for PC [Crack]

Acronis Backup for PC is a full-featured restore package intended for small businesses, enabling PC users to return the system to a fully-functional configuration without professional assistance.

Having the powerful disk imaging technology developed by Acronis at its core, the application implements a file and folder protection system by creating an exact copy of the host PC, which includes the operating system, installed applications and other files.

Both FAT and NTFS file systems are supported and the software can recover CD / DVD drives, removable media and card storage devices, alongside hard disk drives. Alternatively, you can set it to extract and retrieve just a bunch of files or directories you accidentally erased.

Creating a backup plan can be done by following just a few simple steps to choose the disks or volumes to process, configure the backup location (including the Acronis Secure Zone, a protected hard drive section and Acronis Cloud Storage), the used method and the scheduling options. Generated images can be recovered on the local or a remote workstation of the same or a different hardware configuration.

The application features backup validation capabilities and supports both incremental and differential backups. It allows you to exclude unimportant content during backup and comes with encryption and compression capabilities.

It can alert you in case an important event occurs (a task fails to complete, the backup process triggers an error etc.) on screen, via e-mail or by sending a report to a SNMP server.

Despite its advanced functionality, the software comes with a remarkably intuitive interface, with intelligible instructions and a clean layout, adding ease of use to its feature set.

Acronis Backup for PC plays the role of a safety net for your system. Its ultimate goal is to minimize losses due to computer failures and enhance the company productivity.

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