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Active@ Partition Recovery Crack + Keygen

Active@ Partition Recovery Crack + Keygen

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Download Active@ Partition Recovery [Crack]

Active@ Partition Recovery is a straightforward and reliable utility that helps you to recover deleted and damaged partitions, as well as restore data from corrupted drives and copy them to another media device.

After you launch the application for the first time, you are able to view all the detected partitions. By using the ‘QuickScan’ feature you can search for drives that have just been deleted while the ‘SuperScan’ option processes the whole hard drive and detects all possible deleted data.

When it comes to restoring a deleted or corrupted partition detected by the application, you are able to choose between two options. The first one, which is also known as a in-place recovery, works very well when the volume was just deleted or the data and the file system have not been severely damaged. Using this option, you are able to access your files immediately.

Still, there might be situations when all your data is overwritten and your operating system might not recognize the recovered volume anymore. In this case, you can use the second option that helps you to copy all data to a new safe location. This way, you will get back your important files and move them to another media device.

If you want to create a new copy of your entire drive, you need to make sure that you have enough space on another partition. After that, you can select the drive you are interested in, access the ‘Create Disk Image’ option from the File menu and wait while drive’s contents are copied to a new location.

What’s more, Active@ Partition Recovery enables you to recover data from raw, compressed and VMWare Disk images, restore deleted HFS+, UFS and NTFS file systems, filter detected partitions by recoverability status, as well as correct volume boot sectors automatically.

In closing, Active@ Partition Recovery comes in handy for users who need to recover damaged partitions and move data to a new media device.

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