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ActiveXperts Network Monitor 2023 Build 882.3082 Crack + Serial Number (Updated)

ActiveXperts Network Monitor Crack + Serial Number (Updated)

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ActiveXperts Network Monitor provides administrators with a centralized monitoring platform that assists them in overseeing the correct functioning of all the connected workstations, servers, databases and virtual machines.

The installed service works on extracting information about each device, while the Network Monitor Manager can be used for keeping an eye on all the components within a user-friendly GUI. The application welcomes you with the 'Quick Configuration Wizard', which offers guidance for creating the initial configuration.

ActiveXperts Network Monitor features e-mail, SMS, messenger and pager notifications that alert you about device failures. Also, it can help you configure the data to monitor: CPU and memory usage, running processes and services, the available disk space or event logs.

Furthermore, it can be used for checking the availability of an IP address, a DNS, SMTP or FTP server or a website and allows you to supervize Windows servers, antivirus alerts, disk drives and directories, shared hardware devices and removable drives.

Provided you have a Sensatronics Environmental monitoring device, you can also use it to get information on smoke, light, temperature or humidity in a room, just to avoid hardware damage.

The Web interface allows remote monitoring from any location, whereas the Network Monitor Manager can connect to multiple other instances installed on workstations in the network.

The program helps you create maintenance schedulers and can be set to automatically run executable files or scripts when a device is unresponsive. Intelligible reports and conclusive graphs can be easily generated for conducting a more thorough analysis on the matter.

Relying on a powerful monitoring engine, ActiveXperts Network Monitor can be of use for any administrator. It offers a full-featured, yet intuitive monitoring tool that ensures each device is running properly at all times.

ActiveXperts Network Monitor Crack + Serial Number (Updated) ActiveXperts Network Monitor Crack & Serial Number ActiveXperts Network Monitor Crack & Activator

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