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Advanced Encryption Package 2017 6.06 Crack With Serial Number 2023

Advanced Encryption Package Crack With Serial Number 2023

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Advanced Encryption Package is an advanced encryption program whose purpose is to help users protect their sensitive information from unauthorized viewing. Plus, it comes with support for SFX and ZIP file creation capabilities, password and RSA key generator, scrambled text, as well as secure deletion options.

The tool sports an intuitive GUI that gives you the possibility to easily select the files/directories that you want to process thanks to its Explorer-like panel. You can change the looks of the program by downloading and installing several skins right from the Options panel.

Advanced Encryption Package allows you to select a file or pick a directory that you want to encrypt. You can set up a password or insert a public key, write a riddle for remembering the password easier and select the desired encryption algorithm from a comprehensive suite of options, such as DESX 128, Blowfish 448, CAST 256, Triple-DES 192, RC2 1024, Diamond 2 2048, Tea 128, and Safer 128.

Furthermore, you can make the application delete the source files at the end of the encryption or permanently wipe them from your system, and compress items before encrypting them. In order to decrypt files you are required to provide the correct password or public key.

You can also opt for generating self-extracting archives and send encrypted SFX files to other users that do not have Advanced Encryption Package installed on their system.

A powerful feature included in the package enables you to generate a custom key pair by randomizing data with the aid of different mixing hash functions. Additionally, you can make use of the PKI manager in order to keep track of your public and private keys, and store all your encryption passwords on a USB flash drive.

You can opt for a normal deletion process or wipe out files so they cannot be recovered using dedicated tools, encrypt custom text messages by scrambling data and password-protecting them, and generate random passwords by including upper or lower case characters, decimal digits, punctuation marks and special characters, as well as picking the desired password length.

Last but not least, the tool offers support for a Clipboard Encryptor which you need to open it manually. The utility runs in the system tray, and allows you to assign custom hotkeys for encrypting clipboard text data and run the app at Windows startup.

Advanced Encryption Package comes with a handy suite of configuration parameters for helping you reveal system and hidden files, mark encrypted files as hidden after encryption, save used passwords, and deactivate the compression option for custom file types.

A master password can be set for making sure other users cannot manage your private data, and you can also choose the preferred deletion algorithm (e.g. Peter Gutmann, DoD 5200.28-STD, VSITR, Bruce Schneier) and enable sound notification for time-consuming tasks.

In conclusion, Advanced Encryption Package bundles an impressive suite of features for helping you encrypt sensitive information. The additional tools that it comes with are also worthy of your attention as they provide simple ways for generating strong passwords and RAS keys, wiping out files and working with SFX and ZIP files.

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