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Advanced SMTP Server Crack Plus Serial Number

Advanced SMTP Server Crack Plus Serial Number

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Advanced SMTP Server is a powerful email server that uses the SMTP and POP3 protocols in order to help you send and receive email messages.

The user interface stands for the configuration environment from where you can control all aspects of your SMTP/POP3 server. The toolbar that is located at the top of the main window allows you to start and stop the server, save data, and undo your actions, while the main tree of the program lists all features and lets you configure the process thoroughly.

Additionally, you can easily manipulate the parameters of your log files, namely change the error level of the log to view details of each message and make sure the file does not become too large.

Advanced SMTP Server gives you the possibility to reject connections based on a user-defined list with IP addresses from different senders. You only need to provide the RBL (Real-time blacklist) host name and the utility is able to automatically block the target connection.

To add an extra protection layer to your SMTP server, you can use the IP filtering mode of the incoming connection’s IP address. You can prevent spammers from attacking your server by asking for authentication from users that do not pass the IP range check or all types of users.

In addition, you may bypass the authentication process and grant permission to everyone or automatically reject any IP address that didn’t pass the IP range check.

You can disable the filter for incoming connections using blacklist and whitelist, allow connections from a user-defined range of IP addresses, or deny connections from a custom range of IP addresses.

Security parameters enable you to specify the maximum number of simultaneous connections for the same IP address and recipients in ‘to,’ ‘cc’ and ‘bcc’ sections. Plus, you can limit the maximum message size in bytes, length of a single line in SMTP, as well as number of connections to the server.

Advanced SMTP Server enables you to configure the number of threads for your SMTP sender, set up the auto-discovery mode of your HELO string, use intermediary SMTP gateway, tweak server ports for both secure connections and regular SMTP, as well as alter the DNS cache (maximum number of DNS entries, DNS cache timeout and number of records to delete). POP3 configuration settings empower you to specify the receiving ports for both normal and secure connections.

You can change the size and location of your message queue, set up timeout parameters (e.g. wait for a custom time before opening a session to another host, specify the time between two consecutive SMTP commands), configure how SMTP server delivers a message, as well as enable and adjust throttling parameters.

Furthermore, the application lets you define your reply in order to personalize error replies that the current server will generate, and manage one or more domains and all their users.

To make a long story short, Advanced SMTP Server delivers a powerful suite of features and integrates a straightforward layout for helping you send and receive email messages, and is suitable for rookies and professionals alike.

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