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Advanced SQL Password Recovery 1.15.2215.0 Crack + Activation Code

Advanced SQL Password Recovery Crack + Activation Code

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Working with protected databases can sometimes involve accidental loss of passwords and users might have a difficult time trying to regain access. Advanced SQL Password Recovery is a compact utility that was designed in order to offer people with an accessible solution for recovering Microsoft SQL database passwords. It will allow them to retrieve lost passwords without requiring the server environment itself, but only the MDF files.

The application carries a primary interface that is by no means impressive in any aspect, but fortunately, users can ignore this issue, as it will perform a swift recovery process. Featuring a single tool, Advanced SQL Password Recovery will enable people to add their MDF files and then it will automatically start the password detection process.

However, the application only supports single files per processing instance and some users might crave for batch processing capabilities. Furthermore, once the loaded data have been analyzed, the utility will list the available usernames and passwords in only one instance, which once closed, cannot be accessed again unless the whole process is repeated.

Clearly, the main advantage which could appeal to most users who will deal with this application is the fact that it enables one to perform the recovery process without having the MS SQL Server installed. This is quite useful, as it will allow one to recover the available passwords regardless of the PC where the utility is deployed.

Looking on the downside of things, the utility might be too feature-stripped to experienced users, who might demand additional tools. For instance, it would have been beneficial it batch processing was supported or if the utility would allow for password recovery criteria to be applied, such as filters.

This application could be a good choice for people who need to recover lost passwords for MS SQL databases. It will allow them to use only the corresponding MDF files and therefore be able to perform the password recovery regardless if their PC has an installation of Microsoft SQL Server. Nevertheless, demanding users might sense its lack of additional features and could require more advanced recovery options.

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