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Advanced Tracks Cleaner 2.0.4 Crack With Activator 2021

Advanced Tracks Cleaner Crack With Activator 2021

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Download Advanced Tracks Cleaner [Crack]

Advanced Tracks Cleaner helps you protect your computer.In every activities that you perform on your PC and on the Internet you leave traces of your work.Advanced Tracks Cleaner is a security tool that protects your PC. These traces can be used against you by other peoples.

Advanced Tracks Cleaner solves this problem by cleaning the cache of your browser, cookies, history and many more others. Advanced Tracks Cleaner can also help you clean you hard drive and so makeing available more free space for you to use

Here are some key features of "Advanced Tracks Cleaner":

Configure Advanced Tracks Cleaner to startup for a single user.

Secure cleaning of tracks is overwriting the file(s) the specified number of times with random character, this prevent others from recovering your file(s) using recovery tools.

Some sites change your start page. Checking this feature will enable Advanced Tracks Cleaner to monitor your home page settings. If another sites attempts to change your home page the Advanced Tracks Cleaner will disallow any changes.

Lists the last 15 document files that you have accessed, allowing any of these documents to be reopened simply by clicking on the name of the document. Erasing this list prevents others from determining which documents you may have recently opened or edited.

Windows keeps a list of items that you have most recently searched for Files/Folders. You can erase this list to prevent others from seeing items you may have searched for Files/Folders, such as *.jpg.

The start menu keeps a list of items activated (run) from the start menu. You can erase this list to prevent others from seeing actions you may have executed such as regedit.exe and ping.exe. Run history will be erased the next time you restart your computer.

Common Dialogs are the standard Windows file open/save boxes that most programs use to open and save files. Some versions of Windows maintain hidden history lists for these boxes. Windows also records the filenames that you opened and saved in the system registry.

Streams are history kept by Windows about your Explorer window settings. If you need to eliminate history tracks of your file and folder accesses from Windows explorer, it is recommended that you check these items. Please not then when Windows Explorer Registry Streams are deleted Windows Explorer will show appearance it shows when first booted with default preferences. This is perfectly Normal and reduces the clutter out of your Windows Registry.

Windows keep list of most commonly used OCX controls, there information, there frequency of use.

It deletes the history track kept by Windows of what all you do on your desktop.

After you finish using programs or performing copy/paste operations in Windows, all kinds of data can be left behind in the system's memory. This data can be obtained by other programs and other users. This option eliminates the Clipboard memory contents.

Cleans out all files that are contained in the Recycle Bin. When you delete files Windows usually moves them to the Recycle Bin instead of removing them from disk. These files can be retrieved using recovery methods. Note that this will clean all the recycle bins on all drives of your computer.


■ Pentium 166 MHz or higher

■ 64 MB of Ram or more

■ 10 megabytes of free space on hard disk



■ 7 days trial

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