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AggreGate Time and Attendance 5.41.20 Keygen Full Version

AggreGate Time and Attendance Keygen Full Version

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AggreGate Time and Attendance is a corporate-oriented software solution designed to help administrators with the task of tracking employee attendance in an efficient manner. It can be adapted to the control standards of various countries and supports numerous types of recording devices.

Large organizations that need to manage numerous branches in multiple locations can use this software solution to good effect, as the system features a multi-level organizational structure and supports different types of shifts.

AggreGate Time and Attendance can be used with a broad range of modern time recording devices and punch clocks that rely on various communication protocols, including RFID, magnetic card, fingerprint, keypad and biometric.

Complex attendance tracking systems are often quite difficult to configure, as setting up a server and connecting numerous devices is a time-consuming task. This particular software solution is more novice-friendly, as the setup procedure is fairly straightforward.

It is also worth noting that both a web-based interface and a desktop client application can be used to manage the server, the latter featuring a modern, intuitive graphical user interface.

AggreGate Time and Attendance enables you to set up multiple types of shifts, each assigned to specific employees or departments, as well as keep track of break time and overtime.

The desktop client allows you to filter events based on a user-defined set of rules, as well as configure alerts and various types of notifications.

Comprehensive reports that record attendance, punctuality and various other details can be generated, and the built-in report editor makes it possible to customize them extensively.

In conclusion, AggreGate Time and Attendance is a great choice for large companies that are looking for a powerful and reliable employee attendance tracking solution. It is relatively easy to deploy, includes an intuitive desktop client and supports an extensive array of recording devices.

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