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AgileJ StructureViews 1.7.7 Crack With License Key

AgileJ StructureViews Crack With License Key

Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2K


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If you are developing Java applications using XP/Agile Methods in Eclipse, then let AgileJ StructureViews provide you with more insight into the design within your code at next-to-zero effort.

AgileJ StructureViews code visualizer for Eclipse is:

1 Specialized for Reverse Engineered Diagrams - more akin to an extension to the Eclipse Java browsing perspective than a drawing tool.

2 Dedicated to Java - exceptions, inner classes and Javadoc all influence the diagrams.

3 Focused on Class Diagrams - because they can be made self-populating and self-updating, playing a long-term role in an Agile/XP project.

4 Tightly Integrated into Eclipse - the diagram nomenclature follows that of Eclipse, resulting in the lowest switching overhead between looking at diagrams and looking at Eclipse.

5 Filtered by Customized Rules - diagrams are tuned to highlight one aspect, dimension, concern or technology at a time.

AgileJ StructureViews Crack With License Key AgileJ StructureViews Crack + Serial Number (Updated) AgileJ StructureViews Crack & Serial Number

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