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AKVIS MultiBrush 9.1.1637.14850-o Crack With Serial Key Latest 2024

AKVIS MultiBrush Crack With Serial Key Latest 2024

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AKVIS MultiBrush is a comprehensive application that provides you with various tools for image enhancing and modifying, so you can obtain professionally-looking portraits and landscapes.

The application offers you the possibility to resize the interface to any width and height you wish, allowing you to set your workspace to the desired dimensions.

The menus of AKVIS MultiBrush are neatly disposed on the sides of the actual workspace, allowing you to have a better overview on your project without breaking your concentration.

Also, the menus and options are only identifiable by their graphic icons, keeping the entire interface of the program quite simple and intuitive, with an artsy look.

For those who wish to make more professional and artistic modifications to their pictures, but the standard brushes and pencil do not suffice, there is a happy alternative.

The artistic set of pencils and brushes allows you to give your strokes new interactive properties, like the chalk or the oily look, or even make your brush strokes look like they have been sprayed or drawn with a marker.

AKVIS MultiBrush allows you to set the size you prefer for your brushes, pencils and erasers, giving you the option to finely tune the tools you are working with, in order to obtain the desired effect.

The application offers you many ways of selecting the color of your brushes and pencils, either from the standard swatches or by using the color picker right on your picture, in order to copy the chromatic tone from the desired area of your image.

AKVIS MultiBrush allows you not only to beautifully enhance your pictures, but also provides you with tools for cropping and cutting your images.

AKVIS MultiBrush proves to be an extremely versatile piece of software, tailored especially for those who wish to easily enhance their pictures with a vast array of customizable drawing tools.

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