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AKVIS NatureArt 12.0.2041.22026 Crack With Activator

AKVIS NatureArt Crack With Activator

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AKVIS NatureArt, as the name clearly implies, is a powerful graphic editor that helps you create unique nature landscape images from existing pictures or even from scratch.

Clean and simple interface

AKVIS NatureArt features a clean and pretty intuitive interface that helps you edit photos with ease.

With the help of the nine built-in nature effects, namely Rain, Sun, Water, Lightning, Clouds, Frost, Rainbow, Fire, and Ice, you can perfectly imitate Earth's natural phenomenons in your pictures. With these effects you can make snow from rain, turn clouds into fog or transform a sunny picture into a clouded one.

The application takes advantage of the fact that weather changes have an impact on our mood, so by applying nature effects on your pictures, you straighten that impression.

Customizable editing tools

You can use a limited but sufficient number of editing tools, such as selection and history brush, eraser or selection bucket. To highlight certain areas in your picture you can use the Selection Brush, to draw a straight line you need to hold down the Shift key. Plus, from the pop-up box that appears after right-clicking in the main window, you can change the tool's parameters, like its size, hardness and strength levels. For higher hardness values the tool's edges become more blurry and strength values affect the restoration degree compared to the original picture.

Each effect has its own set of editable parameters that help you reach perfection if correctly adjusted. When you have finished modifying your picture, you can save your settings as a preset that you can later use for other photos. Furthermore, you can publish your creations on Facebook, Dropbox, Twitter, Flickr, Google or Tumblr.

Ending words

All in all, AKVIS NatureArt is a comprehensive software utility that enables both novice and advanced users to unleash their imagination and creativity by creating amazing nature phenomena landscapes.

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