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AKVIS Retoucher 12.1.1429.25359 Crack & Activation Code

AKVIS Retoucher Crack & Activation Code

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AKVIS Retoucher is an efficient and easy to use software application that allows you to restore damaged photographs close to their original state.

The application comes in a modern and very easy to use graphic interface, with a neatly organized layout which allows you to have a great overview of your on-going project.

The menus and options of the utility are constituted of small, yet intuitive icons placed on the sides in order not to distract you from the effective workspace.

Although not much customization can be brought to its interface, the main window of the program can be resized and moved to the desired location on your desktop.

Once you start modifying your pictures, it is hard to keep track of how many changes you have brought to the image, and this is where the view of the photo in its original state comes in handy.

This way, you can guide yourself to the original picture and not go to far with the retouching process, giving you more chances to end up with an output file close to the original photo.

When scanning old damaged in time photos at high resolution, the scratches and defects become quite noticeable and annoying.

AKVIS Retoucher allows you to remove the scratches, stains, stamps or other distracting details, and also, to reconstruct the missing parts.

The program offers you various tools for selecting specific portions of your photographs, which combined, allow you to professionally restore pictures very close to their original state.

Another useful feature is the function to show or hide the selection, which enables you to view your edited photo without the distraction of the red selected areas.

Although simple and easy to use, with AKVIS Retoucher you can professionally restore old or damaged pictures by removing the distracting details and repairing the defects without the requirement of advanced graphic editing knowledge.

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