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Allatori Obfuscator 8.8 Crack & Activator

Allatori Obfuscator Crack & Activator

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Given the steep competition nowadays, it is safe to state that obfuscation has become an integral part of the building process. Consequentially, if you want to protect your work from any modifications or theft, you can do so by calling on the aid of an obfuscator tool.

Allatori Obfuscator is a piece of software specially designed to provide some degree of protection to software solutions designed with Java. The idea behind the utility is to modify the standard Java construction, such as conditional and branching instructions or perhaps the loops, so that reverse engineering the code becomes an enormous task for even experienced hackers.

It is worth noting that the application attempts to make the task as difficult as possible by changing the series of commands wherever possible so that the code is unreadable after a decompilation operation. What is more, the tool masks string data, such as shortcut text, GUI components, error messages or any type of textual information for that matter that can provide clues to the real code.

Last, but not least important, Allatori Obfuscator employes watermarks that are embedded into the class files via steganography techniques, so identification of the real source code is almost impossible. The direct advantage of watermark insertions is that you can create a distinct build for each of your clients.

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