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AllProxy Lite 2.6.741.755 Crack + Activation Code Download

AllProxy Lite Crack + Activation Code Download

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Download AllProxy Lite [Crack]

AllProxy Lite is a handy and reliable application that can manage proxy servers, allowing for the setup various profiles between which you can switch seamlessly.

Such an application can prove of great use for bypassing Internet restrictions (for various sites, such as YouTube, Facebook, etc) or for browsing anonymously in order to prevent tracking companies from monitoring attempts.

The great thing about AllProxy Lite is that it can create an unlimited number of proxy profiles, which you can connect to very easily and in a matter of a few clicks. It provides support for various types of proxy, including HTTP, HTTP-WEB, SOCKS 4 and SOCKS 5 and can also be used from command line, for easy automation.

Sporting a comprehensive interface, AllProxy Lite gathers all of its features inside a few menus and buttons that will help you navigate and understand it quickly. The first thing that you are required to do is to define the proxy list, which can contain as many records as you want, named according to your preferences.

The downside is that, unlike similar applications of its type, which can be set to automatically fetch a list of proxies, AllProxy Lite does not provide this convenience, leaving the configurations entirely up to the user.

On the upside, it can automatically detect the proxy type and is able to test a proxy address on the spot. Another advantage is the possibility to customize proxy rules, meaning that the connections will be processed based on a user-defined set of filters that involve specific programs and remote destinations.

Once a connection becomes active, the program starts monitoring the traffic and displays brief statistics on the total amount of downloaded and uploaded bytes, as well as on the average speed provided by the selected proxy.

All in all, AllProxy Lite comes across as a reliable choice for advanced users, who deal with proxy servers on a daily basis. Beginners might feel a bit uncomfortable using it, as the array of features is quite complex and require some networking knowledge.

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