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Altap Salamander 4.0 Crack With Keygen

Altap Salamander Crack With Keygen

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As an alternative to your operating system's file manager, you can do a quick search over the Internet and choose a better one. If the decision is taking too long, or if you happen to be reading this, than you should know that Altap Salamander might just be equipped with what you're looking for.

The main window is designed like any other advanced file manager, with the workspace split into two sections and an upper toolbar that is home to most available functions. Taking some time to go through all the application has to offer might convince you to keep it around.

Found under intuitive icons, you can quickly trigger an action by clicking on it. Moreover, the application gives you the possibility to fully customize what appears in the upper toolbar, as well as configuring a so-called “User menu” you can populate with directory paths for quick access, environment variables, and even custom scripts.

Right clicking on any element in the main window brings up the default context menu in order to gain full control over files and folders. Additionally, you can drag elements from one side to another.

One of the biggest advantages is the large variety and constantly updating database of plugins. Amongst the default, you can take advantage of 7-Zip, disk copy, encrypt & decrypt, file comparator, PictView, Undelete and a lot more.

Furthermore, accessing the options menu lets you configure nearly every aspect of the application, from display colors, to keyboard configuration, security, archivers settings and a lot more. One of the options that sets the application apart is the possibility to choose your own viewers and editors, and these can be set to more than one.

For even more file management options, you can easily access you OneDrive account, connect to a FTP server, access a computer connected to the same network or even browse the content of your mobile phone, if connected to the computer.

In conclusion, Altap Salamander is indeed a powerful file management utility that definitely convinces you to keep it around for some time. It works flawlessly, with no hangs or crashes and it does not even use a lot of your system's resources or space on the hard disk drive. Overall, it deserves a seat at the winner's table.

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