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Android M Skin Pack 2.0 Crack + Activator

Android M Skin Pack Crack + Activator

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Android M Skin Pack represents a collection of customization options for the entire operating system, giving you the possibility to make Windows 7 look like Android. It contains a theme, cursor, screensaver, startup screen, wallpaper, and programs.

The setup procedure doesn't take long. However, you shouldn't rush through the wizard steps. Because it's filled with a lot of third-party offers, you might unwillingly install additional components that Android M Skin Pack doesn't actually need to work properly. Plus, it offers to change some settings to your web browsers. If you're careful enough, it's possible to decline all offers and make a clean setup.

The complete package of the program includes the Android theme, cursor, screensaver, wallpaper, icons, media services, lock screen, and programs. The modifications are committed to the machine after a system reboot, and these can be observed right from the startup screen.

Other changes are made to the Action Center, Windows Explorer frame, Notepad, and Windows Media Player. Moreover, the utility creates a toolbar and places it on the upper part of the desktop, showing the Start menu and taskbar.

Meanwhile, the bottom toolbar looks like a dock now and it facilitates quick access to My Computer, Control Panel, Recycle Bin, Windows Media Player, Notepad, Paint, Mail, Contacts, and clock management settings, among others. The dock can be customized when it comes to the icon attention effect, autohide duration and delay, along with popup on mouseover. This configuration can be restored to default.

Although CPU and RAM consumption was minimal in our tests, we've noticed the PC's responsiveness was decreased when launching a program. No error dialogs were shown in our tests, though, and the app did not hang or crash. All in all, Android Skin Pack should please Android fans who use Windows 7.

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