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Antamedia Bandwidth Manager 4.1.0 Crack With Activation Code Latest 2024

Antamedia Bandwidth Manager Crack With Activation Code Latest 2024

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Network administrators use a variety of utilities to perform a different tasks and, since bandwidth monitoring is one of the most important activities, there are many applications designed for this purpose.

Among those tools, you can find the one called Antamedia Bandwidth Manager, which aims to provide all the necessary features for keeping track of all transfers, connections and network activity.

There are a few necessary steps that have to be followed in order to have this program up and running with no glitches and in the shortest time possible. More precisely, you will have to put in both components, that is to say Antamedia Bandwidth Manager and Antamedia Database Server.

Rebooting the system after both setups are complete is mandatory if you want all the components to initialize and allow you to use the program. An important mention that has to be made at this point is that the server deployment must me made with administrative privileges and without it, the bandwidth manager is all but ineffective.

Once you get inside Antamedia Bandwidth Manager, you will surely notice the well organized layout of the GUI, which make sit possible to reach any function in a simple manner.

All the important features have their own modules and tabs, so watching over active connections, registered users on the network and so on, is a breeze.

For each users included in the database, as well as for every connection under scrutiny, the application offers a lot of relevant data. For instance, you can view not only the IP and MAC address when selecting a connection, but also the download and upload count, the quota and inactivity time.

Unknown users can benefit from autologin sessions, but you can enforce restrictions for transfers, connection time, daily usage and many more. Insofar as the statistics are concerned, Antamedia Bandwidth Manager provides a great number of logs for events and actions, URLs, connections, as well as usage reports.

To conclude, it's safe to say that with this tool, administrators and power users get a valuable means of managing the bandwidth usage on a whole network. Its simple configurations and the friendly interface make Antamedia Bandwidth Manager one of the best tools of its kind.

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