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Anyplace Control Crack + Serial Number

Anyplace Control Crack + Serial Number

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Anyplace Control is a lightweight application built specifically for helping you control a remote computer’s desktop from your local screen. This way, you can transfer files between the local and remote PC, restart, log off, or shutdown the PC, and perform other various operations.

As soon as you run the program, you are required to set up an account and give a name to your computer. This way, you can connect to a remote PC via the Internet without having to configure the IP address.

Anyplace Control sports a clean and straightforward interface that gives users the possibility to use the keyboard or the mouse for controlling the remote PC.

Adding remote PCs to the list can be done by simply specifying the address and name, and configuring port settings.

Additional details are given about each remote PC, namely connection status, IP, OS, domain, version, and others.

What’s more, you can block the remote monitor and lock the mouse and keyboard immediately after the connection or during the remote screen control session, specify the password, and use the built-in chat option.

When it comes to copying files from one location to another, you can simply drag and drop them. Plus, you can exchange the data stored in the Clipboard, perform group installations and updates, view multiple remote desktops on your screen, and arrange the icons from the primary panel by name, status, version, OS, IP address, and others.

To sum things up, Anyplace Control offers an intuitive working environment and useful features for helping you transfer data from one computer to another one securely and efficiently.

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