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ArKaos MediaMaster Express 5.6.1 Crack & Keygen

ArKaos MediaMaster Express Crack & Keygen

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ArKaos MediaMaster Express is a complex application designed for helping you broadcast visual shows enhanced with a multitude of effects.

Each video file is disposed on an individual layer, to which you can add effects. The layers are visible all at the same time, so you can get a practical overview of your project.

Not only you can view each single layer, ArKaos MediaMaster Express also includes a preview function of the output file, allowing you to make adjustments until the final work is what you wanted all along.

Each layer's options are ergonomically placed for easy access, enabling you to easily make changes.

Working in layers is very efficient, allowing you to send layers in the background, or bring the ones that need to be visible on top of the others.

Each video disposed on a layer you can enhance with one of the 60 visual effects available in ArKaos MediaMaster Express.

If you want to display only a text file, you can add effects to it as well. There are over 50 text animations you can choose from, in order to obtain the wanted effect.

The audio visualizers are displays of colors with effects that can be viewed on screens. The software also supports audio visualizers, perfectly synchronizing the lighting with the music. This is especially useful in clubs or at concerts, where a lighting show has to be prepared.

Also, ArKaos MediaMaster Express integrates LED mapping, allowing you to display an animated show on LED panels.

The program also supports multiple screen display, allowing you to broadcast on a panel of screens and control what is shown on each screen in particular.

ArKaos MediaMaster Express is an advanced program created to help lighting and video engineers display a complex visual show. The program intuitiveness makes ArKaos MediaMaster Express a very powerful and useful tool to have when you need to broadcast a state-of-the-art video display.

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