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Artensoft Photo Editor 1.5.444 Crack + Serial Key

Artensoft Photo Editor Crack + Serial Key

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Artensoft Photo Editor is a feature-rich and modern application that comes bundled with five individual features, optimal for viewing, organizing and editing photos, as well as for creating various slideshows, and exporting multiple images to a safe location on the disk.

In order for the program to work .NET Framework has to be present on the computer or updated to the newest version. It's wrapped in an accessible and intuitive interface that changes based on the selected option, and shows a panel at the bottom of the window, with all the stored pictures in the current directory. Depending on the mode, a file viewer and editor are brought up.

To add items, all you have to do is browse their path on the PC, and are automatically loaded into the panel. The first mode enables you to view the files one at the time, toggle them in full-screen, fit it the window or a specific area.

Furthermore, the next and back buttons can be used to switch between images, rotate and flip them vertically or horizontally, as well as apply a quick auto correction to the contrast and color level. A star rating for the file's overall quality can be given.

The second feature lets you insert as many folders and groups as you want in one of the three provided categories (active directory, albums, keywords). You can do that either from the menu or by accessing the small icons shown on each of the panels. To differentiate the good items from the low-quality ones, Artensoft Photo Editor offers colored labels, like red, yellow or blue.

After you chosen what image should be edited, a two window mode is brought up, with the original file and the altered one. The effects tab offers the option to apply sepia, gaussian blur, jitter, noise, soft light, or edge, to create unique designs. You can make corrections by adjusting the sliders for brightness, contrast, color, gamma, saturation, and hue.

It's possible to crop an area manually or select a predefined value (e.g. 4:6, 10:13, 16:9). Last but not least, you have the option to generate slideshows from all or just specific photos, set the slide and cross-fade speed, as well as enable the rating, EXIF information or comments. You can export the outputs to another location on the computer, by choosing the format, quality and file name mask.

To sum it up, Artensoft Photo Editor is a sophisticated and reliable tool that comes in handy when you want to view, organize and enhance existing pictures. It features slideshow creation, a wide diversity of editing and correcting options.

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