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Asset Tracker for Networks 9.4 Crack With Serial Number

Asset Tracker for Networks Crack With Serial Number

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Download Asset Tracker for Networks [Crack]

Even with all the technology around us, management and inventory are two difficult tasks that require a lot of attention to detail. Even virtual products are hard to keep an eye on, especially because they use various code identifiers, but applications like Asset Tracker for Networks want to make it easy not only for your personal computer, but also those on your network.

After you install and run it, an initial configuration wizard is the one that gives you an idea of what can be accomplished. Going through with the wizard requires you to select what type of connection you want, such as a whole network or for specific targets, as well as the domain and workgroups to look in.

Once you set all parameters the application starts to scan the network for any computer or device it can detect. Progress is shown in real time, with a list displaying network PCs, number of attempts, and status, while more details are shown below, in case something goes wrong.

When you’re done gathering data, the main window finally shows up. The first impression is good, with elements neatly spread across the interface. A side panel lists all detected devices, while the rest of the space is structured with tabs, and a lot of space to show info.

General tabs let you go through operating system, hardware, software, network, multimedia, custom data, and other. Each has even more sub-categories so you don’t feel overwhelmed with information.

The center area is responsible for showing all info fields, and almost each area is structured differently, to clearly view those details of interest. Anything from hardware components to applications and running processes can be viewed in great details, but with no management power.

The only thing you can do with gathered data is to build up various reports. These can be issued for every major area of interest, with a lot of customization options. In addition, you can also save data locally as databases, excel spreadsheets, TXT, or HTML files.

To sum it up, Asset Tracker for Networks is one of the tools network administrators will enjoy having around. Some tweaking needs to be done, because you can run into incorrect details, but the general level, depth, and detail of provided info is just difficult to ignore. Even if you don’t use it on other computers, it can still come in handy to get to know your PC a lot better than you thought you did.

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