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Atomic Time Synchronizer Crack + License Key

Atomic Time Synchronizer Crack + License Key

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If you want to keep your computer clock accurate, but you are disappointed with the built-in Windows tools, you should have a look at Atom Time Synchronizer.

As you may guess just by reading its name, this lightweight software solution was developed to synchronize computer clock with atomic time servers and thus keep the clock up to date.

You don't need to be an experienced computer user to take the most out of Atom Time Synchronizer because everything's pretty intuitive, with all essential information grouped in a single window.

You can see local and remote time, as well as the difference between the two just by launching the program, but more options are available under the dedicated settings screen.

Atom Time Synchronizer gives you the option to choose the server you wish to synchronize with, so you can either use the Atomic Time Servers (NIST) or a user-defined one. What's more, you can tweak the app to sync periodically at a configured interval and launch the program at Windows startup to keep the clock accurate.

While it can use both local time or UTC/GMT systems, Atom Time Synchronizer remains very friendly with hardware resources, but an Internet connection is needed to synchronize the clock.

Furthermore, the application works flawlessly on all Windows versions and doesn't ask for administrator privileges, placing an icon in the Tray to provide instant access to its features.

Overall, Atom Time Synchronizer is an app that can be safely used by both rookies and those with a bit more computer experience. It doesn't assault users with an avalanche of features and runs on very low resources.

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