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Auto Macro Recorder Crack & Activation Code

Auto Macro Recorder Crack & Activation Code

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Auto Macro Recorder provides you with a simple, yet powerful tool for automating everyday tasks in order to ease your work. It can assist you in creating automation scripts that can perform frequent operations and save you time.

Featuring a well-organized interface, the application displays all the recorded actions in its main window, enabling you to add new tasks easily, using the context menu. It can record mouse and keyboard actions (clicks, cursor scroll, keystrokes, text input), windows commands (close, wait, switch), file tasks (copy, delete, launch programs, open websites), variable commands, 'IF ELSE' and loop statements, array, database and other functions.

The task sequence can easily be re-ordered and the user can name each step and customize the delay. The generated macro scripts can be easily exported as executable files, which you can run on any PC. Additionally, you can set the application to repeat certain actions for a number of times or a time interval, as well as schedule computer shutdown once all the tasks are finished.

The 'Auto Hotkey' tool is designed to bind scripts to hotkeys, so that an action can be initiated with a simple key combination. Furthermore, you can schedule daily, weekly or monthly tasks for running script files at certain times. For instance, the program can run tasks when the computer is idle, so that your work is not affected at all.

The application also includes the 'Smart Click' feature, a tool that can scan your screen for a picture and then send the mouse cursor over it or click it automatically. This operation can be inserted as a standard step in your action sequence.

All in all, Auto Macro Recorder is an easy to use script editor that can easily automate time-consuming tasks done by mouse clicks and keystrokes. Ease of use, together with its advanced features, make it a great automation tool.

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