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AutoCAD OwnerGuard 12.9.1 Crack & Keygen

AutoCAD OwnerGuard Crack & Keygen

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AutoCAD OwnerGuard is an efficient tool designed to offer engineers, professors and other categories of AutoCAD users a full document license management solution.

It allows you to set up DWG security features, distribution and publishing rights. All of which are done through a highly comprehensive interface. To get started, you can access the ‘Wizard’ feature and the application will guide you through the process step by step, with detailed explanations about each phase.

AutoCAD OwnerGuard enables you to set up a project which acts as a security template that can be applied to other documents. When adding IO limitations, you can enable or disable copying, screen captures, OLE drag and drops, saving new files and printing. You can also add time limitations, in the form of a specific number of seconds or an expiration date.

The great thing about this is that you can combine the above mentioned options and adapt them to various cases in which the DWG files are used.

AutoCAD OwnerGuard doesn’t encrypt the documents in the classical way, it adds the security features allowing you to use the DWG file as you would normally do, without the need of third party applications.

This proves very handy when you need to share them via networks, FTP, email or other storage systems.

With AutoCAD OwnerGuard you can also create dependencies. This means that the you can grant access to the file on just one machine based on its computer ID or on a current installation of Windows. To take it a step further you can even batch generate an unlimited number of licence codes which you can distribute automatically to purchasing customers.

AutoCAD OwnerGuard is a very efficient tool when it comes to protecting your DWG files. In just a few, comprehensive steps you can control the digital rights to your documents, ensuring your work is not misused.

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