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Automatic Unzip Software 7.0 Crack + License Key

Automatic Unzip Software Crack + License Key

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We must all admit that the presence of ZIP archives on our PCs is linked to a small by annoyingly repetitive effort from our side: we must always decompress them before exploring their contents.

Automatically Unzip Files Software is an application designed to help users skip this step and provide them with easy access to such archives.

Since the program is oriented towards this purpose exclusively, it is only natural that it features an untroublesome interface, at the same time packing only a few options.

The user input is, therefore, limited, as you are only required to specify a folder you want to be monitored as well as whether you prefer a complete service and have all the subfolders it contains verified too.

Once you complete this step, you simply need to choose the most suitable location for the output file, and starting that moment, the application is guaranteed to instantly notice any new downloads to the guarded location and perform the decompression.

You must be aware, however, that the program does not work retrospectively, and it can only handle ZIP archives that were added to the folder you indicated from the moment you turned it on. And in any case, this sort of behavior could have seemed quite intrusive to some users.

What with the program keeping a detailed account of all its decompression processes it performed in its “View Log” section, it must be said that it proves to be efficient and well organized, since you effortlessly get to know about every single ZIP archive downloaded to your PC.

Another goodie offered by the program is the fact that you can load it at Windows startup, and at the same time, you can have it minimize to the system tray.

To sum up, Automatically Unzip Files Software is a program meant to save you from the hassle of interrupting your workflow to perform a simple but necessary operation such as decompressing archives. Its main layout is unsophisticated and rather utilitarian, but the program is as efficient as can be.

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