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AV VoizGame 6.0.71 Crack + Activation Code Updated

AV VoizGame Crack + Activation Code Updated

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AV VoizGame is a voice changing application that aims to assist you in applying effects to a recording in real-time, so as to make it sound different and trick your friends. While it is mainly designed for gamers, it can also disguise your voice during voice chatting sessions, audio and video conferences and in other similar situations.

Its main advantage is that it can transform voices recorded by a microphone in real time, so you can use it during online multi-player games to communicate with your friends without having the enemies discover your real identity.

It comes with a generous set of predefined voices that you can use, for both male and female characters, mimicking anything from a young girl to a granny or from a little boy to a grown man. The collection also includes some special templates that borrow the voice of animals or fabulous creatures, such as dwarfs, fairies, hobbits or trolls.

Thanks to the built-in recorder you can enrich the voice library with sounds from any game. Furthermore, AV VoizGame enables you to freely move the pitch timbre so as to obtain the desired result and save the new voice template for later usage.

The application also comes with a sound player that enables you to listen to a recording or any other WAV file, while adjusting the volume and the sound balance.

AV VoizGame can easily camouflage your voice, completely transforming it to make the game experience more interesting. It morphs WaveOut and DirectX streams in real time, disguising them into human, animal or fiction sounds. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to work with and even beginners should have no problem configuring it.

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