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AveSoft Keylogger Crack + Activator

AveSoft Keylogger Crack + Activator

Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP


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Keyloggers are most of the time associated with external users that try to get a glimpse into the personal life of a victim.

However, sometimes it pays to run such a tool on your own computer and check if anyone has been trying to access the system in your absence.

There are many utilities perfectly capable of carrying out such task but few are simpler than AveSoft Keylogger.

The application is portable and as soon as it is extracted from the archive you can access its main window.

There aren’t any complicated settings but it includes the possibility to capture keystrokes as well as take surreptitious snapshots of the screen and saving the data to a folder most unlikely to be discovered easily.

Working with the program is not too difficult but it would be nice to have more documentation that offers explanations for all the functions available, no matter how obvious they may seem to some users.

AveSoft Keylogger can start with the operating system in hidden mode, which means that it is not visible in the system tray or on the taskbar, though there are other means to detect and identify currently running processes.

Besides capturing keystrokes it can also take pictures of the screen at a user-defined frequency. More than this, despite its simplicity, the application can upload the images to a server.

The product is not the best in its class but it is definitely among the most simple. We could not test all the features but it does take good quality images that can render the running applications and their content.

Although AveSoft Keylogger is an open source project, thus bound to be transparent, many antivirus solutions will raise the flag when they detect it. This does not mean that the product is malicious but that it behaves as one.

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