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Bad Crystal Primary 7.4.9 Build 5517 Crack + Keygen

Bad Crystal Primary Crack + Keygen

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Having a defective pixel on your screen can indicate a problem, as that might mean that your screen could malfunction. Bad Crystal Primary helps you prolong your computer's screen life by locating any damaged pixels and reducing noticeable screen damage.

The application works on most LCD, LED, OLED screens, as well as 3D ones, such as iMax.

Bad Crystal Primary allows users to search their screens for stuck pixels. The difference between stuck and dead pixels is that dead pixels need to be replaced, while stuck pixels can be corrected.

Stuck pixels are easy to spot on a black background, since they appear to be differently colored in black screens.

After selecting the area that contains the stuck pixel, the application will try to reset the faulty crystal by rapidly requesting it to change colors.

Screen burns are permanent discolorations of areas on a display. LCD-type displays tend to be less susceptible to burn-ins than plasma screens, but they both display sometimes a phenomenon called transient image persistence, which can be easily corrected by Bad Crystal Primary.

The program tries to set the pixels to return to their relaxed state, thus eliminating any “ghost” images that are accidentally displayed on the screen.

Another common problem that might occur is vertical banding, which usually occurs when the LCD ribbon gets overheated or the video card does not work as intended. Although vertical banding is commonly a hardware malfunction, Bad Crystal Primary will fix it if the problem is caused by faulty software.

Bad Crystal Primary is a dependable application that allows you to maintain your screen fully functional and clear of any stuck pixels or image burns. By using an automatic system matrix algorithm, it helps you to fix faulty pixel cells and prevent future screen damage.

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