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Bandwidth Controller Enterprise 1.21 Crack With Serial Key Latest

Bandwidth Controller Enterprise Crack With Serial Key Latest

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Bandwidth Controller Enterprise is an application aimed at businesses that need to manage and optimize their bandwidth. It’s designed to seamlessly integrate with high performance networks and delivers transaction processing for both upload and download streams.

The application displays a user-friendly interface which should appeal to both the novice user and the network administration expert. Its main window has a tabbed structure and grants you quick and unobstructed access to rule editing, traffic monitoring, statistics, scheduling and of course, a server log.

Bandwidth Controller Enterprise offers you a straightforward overview of everything you need, from a transfer history with a graphical representation, to protocol type, direction and local address.

With Bandwidth Controller Enterprise you are able to create custom rules which can act on application and protocol level and completely control the amount of data that is transferred. Moreover, you alone are able to make any modifications to the rules that are enforced so that work transparency applies and that end-users can not destabilize the network.

Another practical feature for Bandwidth Controller Enterprise that ensures correct division of bandwidth is the fact that you can choose the exact amount that is allocated to a specific user. This means that you are able to evenly distribute bandwidth between similar applications so that they don’t use more than they need to, consequently freeing bandwidth for others that do.

The application enables you to apply a classification for content that is being streamed through high level protocols and you can even choose to allocate a specific percentage of bandwidth to a defined group of users.

With the above to consider and more to discover, it’s safe to say that Bandwidth Controller Enterprise is a practical and efficient solution for companies of all sizes.

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