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Battery EEPROM Works 4.32 Activator Full Version

Battery EEPROM Works Activator Full Version

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Battery EEPROM Works has been designed as an alternative to repairing EEPROM-related issues by rewriting the battery’s data so that a full-charge’s power shows the real capacity of the cells.

EEPROM stands for Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory and in the case of batteries the chip holding the information is responsible for showing the current state of the battery (number of charges, deprecation).

What Battery EEPROM Works can do is reset that data so that the count of the charge cycles starts anew. More importantly, there should be clear indication about the number of cells that can still store power, which leads to more accurate determination of the total storage capacity of the battery when fully charged.

In order to work with this application the battery needs to be connected to the computer through an adapter that can be plugged into the system via USB.

According to the developer, thanks to the wide support of chips, the program is suitable for a large number of battery types.

As soon as the battery is connected Battery EEPROM Works can start reading the information on the EEPROM chip.

This includes details about both the design and the full charge capacity, voltage, manufacturer, charging voltage, temperature and chemistry. Built into the program is an analysis tool that verifies the state of the cells.

Battery EEPROM Works is aimed for technicians that deal with faulty batteries on a more frequent basis. If there are damaged cells it cannot make the battery as good as new but it can lift the restrictions on the EEPROM chip to make it re-usable.

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