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BeatCleaver Crack & Activation Code

BeatCleaver Crack & Activation Code

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BeatCleaver is a professional audio application whose purpose is to help you edit and split audio files and samples. Whether you want to simply split audio files or extract individual drum samples from a complex beat, this utility provides all the necessary tools for helping you accomplish the editing process.

Although it comes packed with many dedicated parameters, you are welcomed by a clean feature lineup which represents a big plus compared to other similar audio editors that boast a cluttered interface.

It works with the following file formats: MP3, M4A, WAV, AIFF, and FLAC. Files can be uploaded into the working environment using the built-in browse button or “drag and drop” operations.

BeatCleaver offers support for a built-in waveform that provides the visualization of the audio at various detail levels. You can also activate the looping function and adjust the loop length.

What’s more, you can zoom in or out of the waveform and manually insert a slice point by performing a right-click operation on the waveform or use the quick slicing buttons for cutting the current file into 4, 8, or 16 slices by placing slice points that can be manually adjusted later.

The program gives you the possibility to place slide points during playback and eliminate pops and clicks by manually altering the start and end of the slice so that they align with zero crossings.

By default, slicing in BeatCleaver is sample accurate, which means that the exported slices are trimmed exactly as they appear in the application. Plus, you can also carry out time stretching operations for resynthesizing the audio file, so you can change the tempo of a sample without changing the pitch, or vice versa.

The program offers support for basic audio editing functionality, and you are allowed to apply various effects, such as fade in or out, reverse, duplicate, gain, normalize, mute, or trim to the selection.

Other notable editing operations worth mentioning are represented by the possibility to adjust each editing task after you apply an effect, layer effects by dragging them around so that they overlap, hide elements on the waveform for making the editing process more accurate, as well as export slide points to MIDI file format and save the audio files to WAV or AIFF file format.

There are also several advanced parameters built to help you slice a recording by entering a tempo and interval and split up multiple-track renders in order to obtain clean segments that can be played live as loops.

All in all, BeatCleaver proves to be a reliable application that comes packed with a powerful set of features foe helping you sample, chop, and edit songs, beats, and recordings.

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