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Bendometer PS 1.4 Crack & Activator

Bendometer PS Crack & Activator

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Bendometer PS is especially designed for music aficionados, providing a harmonica playing platform that can assist them in learning how to play songs in harmonica tab format with the help of a microphone.

Thanks to the visual representation it displays, you can view and remember bending techniques much easier. Both blow and draw notes are displayed using the classic notation system.

The application comes with a generous collection of songs for both beginners and more advanced users, of various musical genres. The 'Tab Finder' helps you filter the library so as to find the song you are looking for without a lot of effort.

It comes with multiple harp layouts that you can use, as well as key and tuning elements, enabling you to choose the desired harmonica type. Those who want to play simple songs should select the 'blow/draw' mode, while the 'overblow' mode is designed for experienced players. Valved harps are also supported.

Bendometer PS supports the standard tablature format and waits for you to play the right note before highlighting the next one. Designed to provide assistance in using the application, the so-called 'tip jar' can show you playing tricks, which eases the learning process and helps you improve your skills.

Bendometer PS enables you to reduce the background noise your microphone might record by adjusting the cutoff level, so as not to play incorrect notes. Please note that note detection accuracy increases when you hold the microphone closer to the harmonica.

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